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In Latin America, why women face an iron ceiling

And in Italy too. Unfortunately…


I grew up along the Texas-Mexico border in Ciudad Juárez, where women were generally expected to be three things in life—a daughter, a wife and a mother. But thanks to the determination and dreams of my mother, I finished high school and went on to become our family’s second college graduate. Fast forward 30 years. Today I am CEO of a global company that operates in 18 countries.

Is my story an inspiration to other Latin American women? I hope so.

Am I proof positive of Latin American progress on women’s equality? I’m afraid not. I am an outlier.

This may surprise you, given that Latin America has three female presidents. But the reality is that our region has very few female CEOs. And in my home country of Mexico, women leading billion-dollar enterprises number fewer than a dozen. The picture in the boardroom is equally bleak: The majority…

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GE has a plan to make futuristic ‘smart homes’ happen

Smart homes come right after smart working. What about having a smart (and digitally transformed) organization. Organizational design is never going to be the same, Are you ready?


It’s 2014 and we have drones, 3-D printing, Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets, self-driving cars, wearable computers such as Google Glass, and artificial intelligence. We basically live in the future. But we’re missing big promise from The Jetsons: robot butlers. The reason, according to Quirky founder and CEO Ben Kaufman, is because real-life Rosies are awkward. He demonstrated as much today at a press event at the headquarters of his startup in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

“I’m telling you, they’re creepy,” he said, as a four-foot tall robot slowly jerked its way across the stage. “You don’t want one of those in your house.”

Courtesy: Quirky

This idea—that no one wants a robot butler—is the basis of a new campaign to show people a different kind of futuristic home: one full of sensors, controlled by your smartphone. (And not a humanoid machine.)

Most Americans know about…

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