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Perspectives from the West Coast

English: The College of Business building at C...

English: The College of Business building at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Corporate Sense Maker moved to the West Coast of the US. I moved into San Luis Obispo, CA a lovely town that hosts Cal Poly. Cal Poly is part of the CSU system, and its motto is ‘Discere Faciendo’, translated into Learning by doing. Cal Poly attracted me as visiting scholar because of the laid back approach of inhabitants in the whole area. Life is undoubtedly easier thanks to the beautiful scenery, the gorgeous weather, and the thriving wineries.

Cal Poly is the ideal location for being where most things are happening, close to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley as well as to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. The new spirit is embodied in the restyled version of The Corporate Sense Maker blog. I intend to  take advantage of this awesome year to enrich the topics covered by The Corporate Sense Maker and bring it into your weekly experience as a fresh source of new perspectives and new ideas.

Management is addressing issues much harder than anticipated, with an ever prolonged crisis that appears far from the end. It is time to face the need of rethinking the way we manage people within organizations, and recover the wonderful spirit of joint accomplishment that is missing. Engagement is not the answer, however, because it is usually one-sided, and appears more of a way to manipulate than actively engage.

How can we overcome the limits of engagement? 

In the next two weeks, that is going to be our theme for discussion.

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