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Who’s Responsible for Fixing a Bad Company Culture? – RecognizeThis! Blog


Derek Irvine is an interesting and provoking blogger. I have been following him for a while and he always avoids the traps of common wisdom. His most recent entry is a delight if you relate it to the overall theme of my blog and my most recent entries.

Galileo Galilei. Portrait by Ottavio Leoni.

Galileo Galilei. Portrait by Ottavio Leoni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Integrity is a much hyped word in today management discourse. I had the chance to reflect on it recently while contributing a chapter with my co-author Edoardo Della Torre on a forthcoming Palgrave MacMillan Book (Integrity in organizations edited by Wolfgang Amann and Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch). Although we use it a lot and management is full-mouthedly advocating it, real stories from the battleground differ a lot. People work hard through extremely hard times, and still they see the amount of injustice in the distribution of wealth created on their sweat. We should not fear denouncing it, and denouncing bad management just because we run the risk of being classified as extremists or rebellious. On a much smaller scale we might be doing in management what Galielo Galieli did on the meaning of life: providing proofs of the fact that no matter what powerful people believe, reality is much different. So wake up a take a stand!

Who’s Responsible for Fixing a Bad Company Culture? – RecognizeThis! Blog.