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Sad hungry money

A wonderful example of sensemaking!


Money makes you hungry. But for what?

In an experiment, always my favourite 3 words to start a sentence, one group of volunteers each counted a pile of rectangular pieces of paper and reported the number they had counted.

Another group counted a similarly sized pile of paper, except the paper they were handling was money, dollar bills.

Both groups were then given chocolate beans to taste and test. (I’m saying chocolate beans, but really Smarties. M&Ms, if you’re American). They then completed a questionnaire on how chocolately, crispy, tasty etc the chocolate beans were.

Now for the clever bit.

The clever bit.

The chocolate beans were counted by the psychologists afterwards, they found that the people who counted pieces of paper ate enough to answer the questions on the questionnaire.
But the people who had handled money ate 50% more of the chocolate beans than…

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