How to manage like Sir Alex Ferguson. If you can handle it.

An exemplary manager who has been consistently successful in a very complex environment like football (soccer fro my US friends…)

Philip Delves Broughton

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of those wildly successful leaders who are impossible to imitate. He’s too forceful and volatile for anyone with a more average temperament to copy. In this respect he’s like Steve Jobs or Jamie Dimon. Yes, you can point to their willfulness and determination and focus, all of which are invaluable to leaders in any field.

But they also possess a manic intensity which you either have or you don’t. A readiness to yell at people. To curse at them. To subjugate them to your will. To propel them in pursuit of a dubious mission: to win football championships; to sell electronics; to sell bank services. And pretend that these missions are really proxies for greater, more meaningful pursuits of excellence, and meaning in life.

Ferguson is motivated by forces which no one can artificially replicate. He grew up around the tough shipyard workers of Govan…

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