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Reverse mentoring – balancing generation mix


reverse mentoring image

With a mixed generation co-existing in workplace, organizations today are faced with the challenge of maintaining the workforce balance and coordination. While the older generation believes in hard work, loyalty and planning, the millennials rely highly on technology, social connections and creativity. Organizations and HR professionals everywhere are experimenting on diverse ways to keep these different generations moving and working together.  Reverse mentoring is an approach that makes this happen. Though meant to train senior employees on current trends in technology, in the process it is also coaching younger workforce and making them future ready.

Learning from Millennials

Senior executives are no more embarrassed to reach out to their younger employees in order to catch up with the latest trends in technology and social media. But there’s lot more these lesser experienced one can teach:

  • Work-Life balance
  • Flexibility and multitasking ability
  • Sense of entitlement and constant feedback
  • Art of celebrating…

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