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Show Some Workplace Volunteering Love!

Data Point Tuesday

Many companies have health and wellness programs in place for employees, whether it be through cash based wellness-incentives or physical programs like exercise classes, challenges, or health seminars, and this trend is on the rise. According to a 2013 report from Fidelity and the National Business Group on Health, 86% of employers offered wellness-based incentives to employees in 2013, a figure up 29% from 2009. It’s hugely positive that companies are emphasizing a focus on employee health and wellness, and what’s even better news? It’s likely many businesses have programs in place that they may not even know serve to keep their employees healthy!

Volunteering is one such program. A recent study by UnitedHealth Group examines the benefits of volunteering on an individual’s health, and the result? Doing good is good for you. The 2013 survey involved a representative sample of adults across the country, the young, old, in…

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