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The Definitive (?) List of HR Associations and Research Organizations

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Something Different HR

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…So I’ve spent the past couple of days (off and on) trying to identify all of the major HR organizations (national or greater scope). My aim is to gain a better understanding of who exactly is doing innovative research/having important conversations within the functional space so that I might optimally direct my learning and development HR efforts in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the field. To the point, the list that I’ve put together can 1. I’m not focusing on publications, blogs, or regional organizations (unless they’re really large/influential) right now. I also (for various reasons) didn’t include firms specializing in human capital consulting (although I’m sure a few of those made it onto this list). Those sources are all important, but for now I want to focus on cataloging the major associations and research organizations, understanding what they’re working on, and then using…

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