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10 organization characters who are part of your daily life (episode I)

He used to be a student of mine. Now, he has become a great HR professional, and a very nice blogger.

HR Break

It happens to meet in organizations, departments or workgroups particular characters that are common in different work’s environments. In this post, divided in 2 episodes, I suggest 10 that I think you have surely met.
In this first episode will be presented 5 of them, listed below. Please think that these characters are no gender specific, but habit specific. Additionally, as I said several times, all presented posts represent only my thoughts and are not representative of organizations that I work/worked for. 

1) The clown. The clown is the one who during all day, also on Monday mornings, offers you a series of stories (often invented) topped by a series of jokes that are often inappropriate. The clown does not know boundaries nor any kind of confidence level; he/she may would tell jokes also during the board of directors.

2) St. Peter. The guide, the censor…

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