Diverse and Inclusive WorkPlace : Random Thoughts

This sounds so familiar with some of the consequences for managers of Freedom Management.

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Recently, I read some thought-provoking articles around diversity and Inclusion. This is definitely something I would like fellow beings to read and think about.

When we generally talk about diversity, we take into account gender, age, geography, caste and abilities (physical and mental). However, diversity is a much broader term.

For instance, do we ever think of diversity in terms of personality types? Have we ever noticed that most of the institutions (educational or workplace) design themselves as inclined towards extroversion? Every institute/workplace wants an open, out-going and candid culture. We never think of diversity in terms of that. Most of the workplaces are biased towards extroverts. It is essential for us to understand that having introverts in a team is as important as having happy-go-lucky types, and introverts tend to work best in quiet environment. As said by one of the authors, American society believes that all creativity and…

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