Trends in HR

Another take in the future. Looks like it is at our door!

Human Resources Analytics

Since we are well into the 2014, there are some trends to look out for in HR:

Campus Recruiting: 

Campus Recruiting has become very popular with larger organizations, however ALL organizations should capitalize on college graduates.  Creating developmental programs for college graduates can have an impact on an organizations bottom line, turnover, employee engagement, etc.


Sourcing has been very popular with Recruiters, but many Recruiters are still honing their sourcing skills.  Sourcing involves a unique blend of understanding the industry and internet research.   Sourcing techniques such as searching for candidates in associations, spreadsheets, and social media networks are becoming more and more common.  On personal note, Boolean search strings are my favorite to use on Google.

Data Analytics:

For those that want more out of your data, I would like to introduce you to PowerPivot for Excel.  This is an add-on for Excel 2010 and 2013 that allows you…

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