…And I felt at a ______ note. Is your exit process missing something?


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While organizations everywhere are doing everything possible to establish and maintain a great brand presence do they at times become indifferent to their real brand ambassadors? By the way, who are these brand ambassadors?

Apparently, we all know the answer to it…  Employees, including those who have left or are leaving.  They are the ones who create the true reputation (or mis-reputation) when they move out  into the world of competitors and potential recruits. So shouldn’t organizations and HR be more careful about what impression does a departing employee carries along… Good or Bad, that makes all the difference.

It takes lot more than just “Exit Interview” to make that positive last impression on a departing employee. A few things HR should include or avoid in their Exit processes:

  • No Stay Interview process – Most attrition can be checked and controlled by being responsive to employee needs when they are…

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