Mobilizing HR through Social Engagement


In the last part of Mobilizing HR, I discussed how digital technology was having an impact on the way we recruit.  In this part, I was to talk about a topic that I’m seeing more and more about.  It’s called “Social Engagement”.

We’re all familiar with social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and those of us in the “older and wiser” generation often “tsk, tsk” about how the “young people” seem to live their lives on devices with screens.

Like it or not, it’s now the way of the world and our social engagement is not demising – it’s simply evolving.  Much the same way as our grandparents raised disapproving eyebrows at why we use cars to get everywhere when, in their day, it was perfectly fine to walk or bicycle, living life off technology is simply becoming the way it is.

And, as a recruiter, HR manager or…

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