Sunday Reading: May 04, 2014 – High Impact HR and Executive Compensation Reform

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Sunday reading for May 04, 2014:

1. When Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte writes something about HR it usually gets my attention. And his piece on Linkedin about the need to re-design the function is no different. Bersin points out that while HR is perhaps best known for the work it does in employee relations, the biggest impact for HR “comes from its role in supporting, developing, and identifying leaders.” …Basically talent management. And as Bersin points out, to be strong in the talent management space one has to possess a deep understanding of performance management, how to conduct assessments, statistics and data analyses, and also I/O psych. To learn more about what the future of the Human Resources function looks like (and what you should be doing as an HR pro to get ready for it) check out Bersin’s full post here.

2. Dan Walter, President…

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