How Should Organizations Be Selecting Their People Managers?

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The Harvard Business Review ran a great piece a while back examining why it’s so rare to find great people managers. Great managers as defined in the article are those that: are strong motivators, hold people accountable, are trustworthy, transparent, tenacious, assertive, and productivity focused in their decision making. The study goes on to estimate that great managers contribute about 48% higher profit to their companies than their average counterparts.

1. Not yet.After initially examining if I had all the attributes of a great manager 1, I then started thinking about the implications of one of the study’s major findings, which was that in 82% of cases, companies are promoting the wrong people into management roles. As noted above this adversely impacts business results, and also has the negative effect of burning out both the manager and people reporting up to him or her (a consequence that carries with it gargantuan…

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