A Tale of Two HR Certifications – Sneetch Style

That’s why the MSc in Human Resource Management and Labour Studies that I direct will choose CIPD UK certification.

emineo HR Consulting

So I am just gonna jump in here and address the 800 pound gorilla in the room around the HR world lately – the announcement this week that SHRM and HRCI will both provide Certifications to HR practitioners.

This blog post IS NOT about slamming either organization (since both have been good to me…and I used to live three blocks away from both – because essentially, well – lets just say that they were located in the same neck of the woods, if you will).

This blog post IS about something that following human nature, I unfortunately see potentially happening down the road – an unfortunate, nasty side of Human behavior.  I hope that my prognostication is a lot like Punxsutawnay Phil’s and WAY off here, but for a moment – hypothetically, lets just throw a Dr. Seuss story on the table and review what happened there…

The story is…

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