Did well in interview, you still might not be selected for the job

It doesn’t always look as it appears. You might be brilliant, but not the right fit


interview unusual

Yes, you heard it right. If you are best dressed, have a professional written resume and  answer appropriately with confidence in an interview, chances are, you still might not be selected for the job.

Why? Well, because your selection depends on other factors too. Like..

  • Can you play video game well?
  •  How is your hand writing?
  • Do you love outdoor sports?

There are many similar parameters that employers consider now while hiring. So if you are up for a great career with an equally great organization, performing well in the traditional interview might just not be enough. In an attempt to choose the right fit, organizations now are turning experimental with their hiring practices.

Companies like ConnectCubed and Knack work with corporate to design assessment games that help to discover latent qualities in the job applicants while keeping them engaged at the same time. Knack’s Wasabi waiter is already popular…

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