Social Organization Day

On November 20th, hitrea and Fondazione Olivetti will open a new perspective on social media and the social revolution. We have all grown accustomed to a number of gathering dedicated to social media and social transformation. However, while the promise of a paradigm shift in the way we organize was tantalizing, we are left with the feeling that the world is pretty much as it used to be. It is true social media abound but they are mostly confined to boundary spanning units like communication, marketing and sales. What about our workforce? What about the promise that HR will never be the same? What about the idea of turning your organization into a community, lively and innovative?
At hitrea we believe that, being at the core of the evolution of HR inside GSO Group, it is time to liberate the power of social organization by involving top managers, middle managers, and HR managers in a plan for reinstating engagement and commitment in our organization.
The Social Organization Day is there to symbolize this call for action, and it is an invitation to turn HR into the powerhouse it can be. Fondazione Olivetti is there to remind us that it can be done, and it was done by Adriano Olivetti, right here, in Italy. So why shouldn’t we give it a try?

You, why are you waiting? Follow the link and join the ‘mob’ at SOD