In Latin America, why women face an iron ceiling

And in Italy too. Unfortunately…


I grew up along the Texas-Mexico border in Ciudad Juárez, where women were generally expected to be three things in life—a daughter, a wife and a mother. But thanks to the determination and dreams of my mother, I finished high school and went on to become our family’s second college graduate. Fast forward 30 years. Today I am CEO of a global company that operates in 18 countries.

Is my story an inspiration to other Latin American women? I hope so.

Am I proof positive of Latin American progress on women’s equality? I’m afraid not. I am an outlier.

This may surprise you, given that Latin America has three female presidents. But the reality is that our region has very few female CEOs. And in my home country of Mexico, women leading billion-dollar enterprises number fewer than a dozen. The picture in the boardroom is equally bleak: The majority…

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