Need to fix a business process? There’s probably an app for that

And if there isn’t count on #hitrea to be abel to develop it to fit your needs!


Enterprise mobile application development continues to accelerate at a furious pace. Evidence? Activations leapt more than 731% over the past 12 months, according to an ongoing report released Monday by Good Technology, which sells mobile management technology.

The focus of these apps covers everything from aircraft manufacturing support to insurance claims processing and expense reporting. “The rapid rise in custom app development illustrates that organizations are seeing mobility as a real opportunity for competitive advantage and security as a critical requirement in enabling trusted mobility,” says Good Technology CEO Christy Wyatt about the findings.

The quarter-to-quarter increase in new apps was 107%, the data show.

When I think of Fortune 500 companies leading the way with mobile apps, several companies top my list when it comes to innovation: Delta Air Lines [fortune-stock symbol=”DAL”], which is replacing all inflight paper manuals with Microsoft [fortune-stock symbol=”MSFT”] mobile devices to transform customer service…

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