Corporate Sensemaker: contact me

get lost and find yourselfWhen you  call me, it is not because you need a new tool or information. The web allows each of us to be smarter than the smartest traditional consultant or vendor. Take a couple of smart new hirees and you are done. If you prefer to be legitimated by an external traditional consultant, there’s plenty to choose from. Don’t call me, I would be useless!

You need to call me when:

  1. you understand that no tool or information can help you reveal what is really going on  in your organizations (in my model: the unexpected dynamics and counterintuitive events)
  2. you realize that to grow and innovate you need to come to a different understanding of actors, dynamics, and processes (in my model: the internal metaverses)
  3. you unfold the ultimate truth, that management is about creating realities with words, and sharing them across so many different persons (in my model: the corporate sensemaking process)
  4. you are ready to craft a new sense, through in depth observation, questioning, and powerful storytelling (in my model:  maturity level).

I believe management to be a powerful exercise in sensemaking (attributing value to our experiences and facts) and sensegiving (sharing this sense with others). And it is real, I am not suggesting you should think it is all about communication. It needs a very skilled command of communication, but it is much more than that. Words create realities, and words can change them. Successful organizations promote sensemaking activities in order to reframe the way they see themselves and break out of a heavy load of stereotypes and hidden assumptions.

What was Steve Jobs if not a Sensemaker at Apple? And what is the meaning of ‘Don’t be evil’ at Google? Ever heard of RedBull, another powerful sensemaking story?

An external Corporate Sensemaker is like a guide (and a trainer, and a mirror, and many other roles in the process) for you and your organization in developing the internal skills to be self-sufficient in doing like those companies, maybe at a different scale and with a different hype.

He does not possess a specific knowledge to impose on your organization and You. He is your stronger partner inside the organization. Heis  part of a collective sensemaking process, but has no incentives to impose a specific meaning on that reality (contrary to most traditional consultants who have THE way of doing it…). He is trained BOTH in quantitative and qualitative methods.

Corporate sensemaking comes in different shapes. Sometimes it occurs when managers are pushed to see data according to a different framing. Others it occurs through extensive dialogue sessions and is prompted by unexpected words or behaviors.

When we will meet, we will decide what your process shall be. Please contact me using the following form: