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After one term thinking of Training and development from a completely different perspective, I agree with this Blog entry. We really need to think out of the box to avoid being trapped into a too static view of what we can do to help people develop their desires.

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When you think about the ‘training’ or ‘learning and development’ offer in your organisation, ask yourself genuinely, how excited and inspired does it make you feel? If just thinking about what you currently have in place hasn’t brought a smile to your face and a sense of pride to your heart, I have some ideas for you in my blog today.

Lots of businesses talk about a commitment to training and many have great offers in place, however, it is important to stay fresh and be aware of any potential ‘learning apathy’ creeping in, this applies both to the learners in your organisation and the people responsible for delivering the training too.

For those of you who are out there delivering training, if you’ve been in the role a while and know your business and the material, it can be easy to become ‘unconsciously competent’ to the point where you…

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New bosses left to sink or swim –

On one side we keep hearing how much companies care about their talents, on the other we realize it is mostly cheap talk. They squeeze them as lemons, and then dispose of them when needed. I found this article on Financial Times to be a great description of the sad reality of on boarding.

Actually, I do feel it could make sense if we consider how much these people get paid, but on the other side it is another description of the folly that inhabits corporations. Where is all the concern for evidence-based decision making? Who is checking the expected value of this underinvestment?

New bosses left to sink or swim –