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Generation Y Redefines Success

Why should people speculate on what Gen Y wants? We should rather ask them. Here is a great example

Gen Y Girl

My senior year of high school, I had the genius idea of taking AP Physics, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics, all at the same time.

I pushed myself so hard that year all because I wanted to earn college credits and therefore graduate from college in less than four years.

I did that.

I started working a full-time job at the age of 19 and earned my bachelor’s degree in two and a half years.

I figured that if I got my degree early and had some experience under my belt, I’d be ahead of the game career-wise and would be taking steps towards my journey up the quote-on-quote career ladder. If I did this, I would be a few steps closer to becoming the VP of some great company where my work would consume all of my energy every day.

That’s what success looked like most of my life.

I was…

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Human resource management, management, sensemaking

Gen Y’s Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Is long-term employment kicking back? There’s a lot about values and the need fro rethinking the HR function in this post. I believe it is so related to my recent post on the HRPS global conference (watch the video here: HRPS Video)

data point tuesday_500

Accenture recently published its 2013 College Graduate Employment Survey Findings. Lots of great data. Especially if you plan to hire recent college grads. In fact, some of the data are surprising.

One of the important takeaways is that employers have unrealistic expectations for the skills of the hires they make out of college. They think these young people should be able to hit the ground running and are surprised and disappointed when they don’t. And to compound the problem, these employers are not investing in training initiatives to get the newly hired up to speed in the short term or effective in the long term. This is all pretty logical. It’s good data and if you plan on hiring entry level employees from the ranks of the newly graduated, you should read this.

But here’s what caught my attention. It’s about the willingness to commit. And it isn’t the…

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Someone at work encourages me

Let’s take an internal perspective on the Millenials! Nice entry from a very interesting HR Blog



We are the Millennial generation (generation Y ) employees.  We are the new buzz in the workplace; the confident and the positive breed known for our “out-of-box” thinking and “can-do” attitude. We are effective communicators, technology skilled, multi-tasking population, we are the future Managers and change makers. Our work outlook and career expectations are un-conventional and so is our motivational quotient. The old age techniques of employee motivation miss to appeal us, our requisites are different.

Flexible work arrangement

The traditional 9 to 5 office schedule is not the rule for us. We look for a dynamic work arrangement that provides opportunity to balance work, social and personal life. Flexi work schedules ,work from home opportunities and Paid time off (PTO) policies boost our morale and productivity. We tend to be loyal to employers who respect our need of work-life balance.

 We prefer Mentors over Bosses

We respect authority…

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