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A video excerpt of my presentation at the Strategic Capability Network in Toronto

I thank SCN for allowing me to edit the video of the presentation (which is available only to members at SCN), and share it on my blog. It has been cut down to 15 minutes, and I hope I captured some key points that were discussed.

The video highlights my ideas on the evolution of HR, and anticipates some reflections on a research project I am conducting. Companies willing to join the project, can contact me through this blog or at my email (


Slow Growth Will Clobber Government Budget Deficits – Business Insider

While we discuss on how to streamline the HR budget, the economic and financial facts point us toward the need of putting human beings at the core again. Modern organizations are not meant to squeeze profits, but as a way to enhance cooperation as Chester Barnard stated in 1938. The economy is a consequence of the human, not its reason.

Slow Growth Will Clobber Government Budget Deficits – Business Insider.