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A video excerpt of my presentation at the Strategic Capability Network in Toronto

I thank SCN for allowing me to edit the video of the presentation (which is available only to members at SCN), and share it on my blog. It has been cut down to 15 minutes, and I hope I captured some key points that were discussed.

The video highlights my ideas on the evolution of HR, and anticipates some reflections on a research project I am conducting. Companies willing to join the project, can contact me through this blog or at my email (

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Join survey on Social media and HRM

I am partnering with Executive Networks to collect data for my research project on the diffusion of social media in HR and HRM practices. I have collaborated with Executive Networks in developing their ongoing discourse on HRM in Europe as Academic in residence. They agreed to submit the survey to members of their network. However, this is an independent research program, under my direct supervision.

I developed a questionnaire to capture the major trends, and I would really like you to submit your responses. Existing research on Social media and HR is biased by the absence of large enough samples, and methods that are not suitable for reliable empirical testing. It is my intention to fill this gap.

For validity issues, I am targeting either Senior HR Leaders or HR specialists working within a specific organization (the questionnaire is not intended for external practitioners or consultants), but you are welcome to give it a look, and maybe suggest it to other colleagues who fit the required respondents’ profiles.

Here is the link to the online survey, which should take around 15 minutes to complete: SURVEY LINK