Luca Solari has an extensive experience in designing and delivering training programs for Corporate clients. He spent ten years as a Faculty at SDA Bocconi School of Business in Milan, and he presently sits on the MBA Faculty at MIP School of Management.

Luca started and delivered numerous courses in organization design, human resources, change management, and sense making to executives and middle managers. Presently, he is involved in program design and relies on a network of independent trainers for the delivery of programs.

Luca’s approach is based on his philosophy of Corporate Sensemaking. He strongly believes that learning is based on conversations between actors and encourages companies to get involved into a change process, instead of merely launching training initiatives. Conversations need to involve top managers and employees with the support of an external actor, the Corporate Sensemaker who helps overcoming hidden assumptions and stereotypes.

Luca is recognized as an important actor in the conversation on the evolution of talent and training & development strategies in Italy.